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Odor1 products use the power of Chlorine Dioxide to permanently eliminate the stink in your life.

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​​What Is Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)?

The chemical formula for Chlorine Dioxide is ClO
2.  It is a chemical compound made up of one part Chlorine and two parts Oxygen. Chlorine Dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism.  

Where Is ClO2 Used?

Niagara Falls was the first to use it in their drinking water and over 2000 water treatment plants use it across the US, Canada, and overseas.  Hospitals use it to keep a sanitary, fresh environment.  Some grocery stores use it to mist on vegetables to keep them fresh longer.  Fishing boats, farms, and hundreds of business models use the product.

What Does ClO2 Smell Like When Working? 

When any of our odor removal products are activated, they have a light odor of Chlorine or bleach. The smell is similar to the fresh clean scent that you notice when getting out of a swimming pool.

Why Are Odor1™ ClO2 Odor Removal Products More Effective Than Other Odor Removal Products?

Most air freshener products merely cover up odors with another odor and they do not eliminate the odor at its source. Other somewhat more effective products are surfactants (detergents) that eliminate a few bacteria but have little or no effect on a wide range of bacteria. Masking agents eliminate odors but only temporarily and they do it by covering up the odor with another so you smell only the masking scent. However, you can still smell subtle hints of the original odor. Odor1™ ClO
2 products can be safely and effectively used to eliminate the source of the odor and inhibit the re-emergence of the odor from coming back as long as the problem is not reintroduced into the area.  

Chlorine Dioxide is a gas that loves to find and hang onto water. Our premium 2-part system has been designed in such a way as to go right to the gas stage without trapping in water. Trapped water affects the release of the ClO
2 and you can get unfavorable results.  Our products are also manufactured in a clean room that has very low humidity.  This is very important as the low humidity prevents the Chlorine Dioxide from activating, even slightly in the pouch, which reduces its effectiveness to you. This technology also increases the shelf life of our products to over 5 years. Chlorine Dioxide has evolved over the years and we have continually kept up with the changes which really make a difference in our products verses any other company claiming to remove odors.

​What Kind Of Smell Will Odor 1™ ClO2 Leave When Done?

After the process is done, just put the products into a recyclable container and then air out the treated room or vehicle to dissipate any residual scent of the ClO
2.  There will be no smell covering up the original problem odor and all that will be left after airing it out will be just a neutral one.

Will The Leftover Chlorine Smell Go Away?

Absolutely!  To use our products, simply clean the area being treated and simply for the easy instructions. Follow the directions on the instructions.   After treatment, simply put all the materials into a recycle container.  Roll down the windows and allow the treated area to ventilate.  The residual smell of the ClO
2 will go away and all that is left will be a neutral smell.

What Should I Do About Hard To Remove Smells?

There are some very tough odors such as vomit, cat urine, rotten milk, diesel, and others that may require additional cleaning of the affected area. The bulk of the matter must be cleaned up and the area completely dried before using the Odor 1™ product.  After the area is cleaned and dry we suggest leaving our products in over night allowing it to penetrate deeper.   We also have Liquifresh™ which is a non-bleaching, non-corrosive, ready to use Chlorine Dioxide solution that can be sprayed directly onto any non-porous surface. It will not bleach materials and causes no residue, so no need for wiping down the area afterwards.  After spraying, let the area dry completely and then treat the area with the Odor 1™ Refresh product for your application to remove the rest of the stubborn odor, so you can enjoy your home, vehicle, boat, or RV again.

What Should I Know About Safely Using, Handling and Disposing Of Any Of The Odor One™ Odor Removal Products?

When used as directed, Odor 1™ is a very safe, Chlorine Dioxide solution. Should you get it on your hands or into your eyes, rinse well with clean water. Breathing in any unnatural thing other than air can be an irritant, should you breathe in ClO
2 for any period of time remove yourself to fresh air immediately.   As ClO2 is an irritant, do not treat any area with you, your pets or children inside.  If there is any concerns always call the number on the back of the instructions or 911 for assistance.  

Is Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) The Same As Household Bleach?

Not at all!  Household bleach (commonly called "Chlorine bleach") actually contains sodium hypochlorite, which has a different chemical makeup than Chlorine Dioxide. While Chlorine Dioxide does have Chlorine in its name, the chemistry is dramatically different from Chlorine. Chlorine Dioxide is not Chlorine or bleach, it is a chemical compound made up of one part Chlorine and two parts oxygen (the formula ClO
2.) While Chlorine Dioxide does have that same "clean" or "crisp" smell that household bleach and Chlorine have.  ClO2 is far more powerful and safer for you and the environment. ClO2 is also more effective against odor causing agents and, as equally important, ClO2 does not have the corrosive oxidation reactions that Chlorine bleach can which is why ClO2 can be safely used to purify drinking water.

Is Your Product An Odor Masking Agent?

Odor 1™ ClO
2 (Chlorine Dioxide) products have been designed so that they will permanently remove the toughest, hard to remove odors from your car, truck, RV, trailer, boat, semi truck, home or cabin. This is a permanent odor removal product and not a masking agent. Masking agents work by merely masking one odor with another odor, much like a scented air freshener covers up the smell in a bathroom, the smelly odor is still there but it gets mixed with a fruity or fragrant scent. It doesn’t matter what the cause of the odor, Odor 1™ ClO2 gas penetrates deep into all materials and goes into all the nooks and crevices to seek out the odor and eliminate it. It is gentle on surfaces and fiber materials and it will not crack the plastics in an automobile interior like ozone can. There is also no film or residue that needs to be wiped or rinsed off.

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