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Odor1 products use the power of Chlorine Dioxide to permanently eliminate the stink in your life.

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"Our team shares a common vision.  We are committed to our partners who sell the Odor1 brand and the consumers which buy these products.  They have entrusted us to help them solve problems which they could not solve on their own.  And we intend to make their lives better because of it"

The Odor1 Mission 

​To continue to thrive as a business over the next decade, and beyond, by always being a leader in the marketplace of ClO2 gas for the purpose of eliminating odors.

Our mission will always be our vision, our focus, and our road map, so we are consistently looking ahead understanding the trends and forces that will shape our industry.  All of our long term strategies and short term actions will be molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and everyone in our company.

Our Mission Vision Is Our Road Map For Growth.  What Do We Need To Do To Accomplish?

  • Be A Leader:  In odor elimination by keeping up with the trends in ClO2 gas technology

  • Be A Partner:  Not to just be a supplier, but a partner with all customers and our employees

  • Be Productive:  Produce highly effective products and successful programs that reflect our knowledge and commitment to fulfilling our customer’s needs

Our Values

  • Leadership Ability:  The focus to always be number one

  • Integrity:   Always stand behind what we say and to be a company that always stands out on their word

  • Accountability:   If it is to be, it will be us

  • Passion:  To always have a passion and commitment to our customers, employees, and our company

  • Quality:  Everything we do, we stand behind


  • Focus on being aware of changes in the global market

  • Get to know who our customers are and listen

  • Always look ahead for opportunities for our customers to grow

Work Smart

  • Be effective running lean and efficient

  • Remain responsive to change

  • Have the courage to change course when needed

Be The Brand

  • Always strive to be number one always moving forward gaining a strong brand name and recognition – Always keeping our eyes on the road ahead, so that we stay focused on who and where we are going!

Barbara Losberg, Odor1 Founder