Odor1 products use the power of Chlorine Dioxide to permanently eliminate the stink in your life.

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  • Odor eliminator that is safe for non-porous surfaces.

  • Eco-friendly Green Technology

  • Great for dashboards, door panels, cargo areas, trunk, vinyl seats, center consoles, and other hard to clean spaces. Apply to surfaces with mop, sponge, or rag.  Odor is eliminated immediately. Just like all of our ClO2 products, Liquifresh leaves no residue. 

  • Perfect for cleaning up spilled food and wiping down sinks, counter tops walls, and doors.  Use in freezers to eliminate spoiled food odors. 

  • Not for use on carpets and rugs.



Butchering sanitation

Fruits and vegetables

Horticultural irrigation

Livestock stalls

Milking stations


Bathroom sanitation

Dumpster sanitation

Over-the-road trailers

Portable toilet sanitation


Boat bilge

Boat decks

Boat hulls

Fish coolers

Live wells

Prep tables and sinks


Auto interior components

Dog kennel sanitation


Ice chests

Jacuzzis and pools


RV waste water systems

Septic tank odor control

Trash cans

Unfinished basements

LiquiFresh comes in 20 gram tablets and can be mixed in 1 - 2 gallon concentrations for different applications. Simply drop the tablet into the water and it will activate. It is easily applied by mop, rag, sponge, or garden sprayer. LiquiFresh leaves no residue behind, so applications require no rinsing. LiquiFresh is effective in removing all odors - whether from mold, mildew, chemicals, or biological sources. The odor is eliminated immediately. It is for use on solid, nonporous surfaces such as plastics, metals, fiberglass, and concrete. LiquiFresh is not colorfast and should not be used on fabrics or cloth upholstery. LiquiFresh has many commercial applications ranging from public sanitation to food prep & butchering. It eliminates odors and controls the spread of bacteria and pathogens. 

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Applications for LiquiFresh are ENDLESS!

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